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Paperless living requires the right tools.  These products make it far easier to maintain your clear desk for years to come.

Bonsaii Heavy Duty Shredder

Heavy-duty shredder handling 24 pages at a time, and with a 60-min run time. Highest level, cross-cut, security with a large capacity basket.

Fujitsu Desktop Scanner

This guy really does it all. Scan directly to the cloud at a speed of 40 sheets per minute, connecting wirelessly and happily scanning photos, business cards and irregular sized documents. Worth every penny we think.

ScanSnap iX1300 Compact Scanner

Incredibly compact mobile scanner for at-home or on-the-go use. Scanning at 30 pages per minute directly to PDF, Word, Excel and the cloud. Works via USB or mains.

Fellowes 8-page shredder

Great little home shredder which can manage an impressive 5 minutes of continuous shredding before it needs a breather (these guys overheat easily). Cross-cut shredding makes it ultra-secure and it eats paperclips, staples and credit cards to boot.

Full transparency

Each of the above products have been thoroughly researched by me, The Paperless Pixie. Some of them I use myself, but obviously I cannot use all of them.  Clicking on the product links above will generate a small commission for Paperless Pixie, with absolutely no additional cost to you. This commission helps me feel better about the hours I spend researching products and trawling through review sites and product specifications. (Please understand these are simply recommendations, not guarantees that you will love the products or that they will work as the manufacturer specifies).