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Paperless Pixie was created to help you get organised – my goal is to simply make life easier.

With 20+ years working as a PA to private individuals, I saw first-hand that the most valuable service I offered my clients was digitising their lives. Most people have years worth of paper in filing cabinets, an in-tray that is never empty, and inefficient ways of dealing with emails.

Through trial, error, and much research, I found ways to create bespoke filing systems for clients that were secure, easy to use, and crucially, could be maintained in just a few minutes a week. Clients were constantly amazed by how positively it changed and simplified their lives.

Paperless Pixie seemed like a good way to help lots more people find that positive change. I hope you’ll be one of them.

Fiona Rugg
Founding Pixie

"You have changed my life! It feels wonderful to have everything digital. I can't thank you enough. "
Trey, London SW1
"A weight off my mind! I understand the online storage options and am finally on top of my admin"
Jane, Bristol
"The Paperless Pixie system has transformed the way I work & live - stacks of papers are gone & I can access information quickly and easily, saving much time and stress. I can't recommend them enough!"
Suzanne, London
"I needed a digital native to show me the way... I'm so much lighter now!"
Susanna, Haywards Heath
"Paperless Pixie moved all my late father's filing into the cloud making it easy for our (international) family to collaborate when sorting his affairs. Invaluable! Thank you! "
Caroline, Cape Town
"It’s all in the cloud now and the piles of paper are gone. Thank you, Paperless Pixie."
Christopher, Bristol