Paperless Living through cloud-based storage

For a beautifully paperless life.

I create personalised, online, filing systems for people like you.
Here’s how you know if you need me…
  • You are drowning in paper / can’t find your desk
  • You long for an easy-to-maintain filing system that is safe, ordered and to-hand via devices
  • Your next-of-kin wouldn’t be able to locate important documents
  • You manage the affairs of elderly parents and want to share the load with siblings
  • You’re overwhelmed by cloud storage options / don’t even know what they are
  • You have overdue bills & payments in your in-tray / inbox
  • You want to be more efficient with the cloud-storage you already have

Paperless Pixie


Specialising in Bespoke Online Filing Systems

faded version of laptop with filing drawer

This is how it works...

  1. We have a quick call to assess your needs, explain how it all works, & tell you about the all-important confidentiality agreement.
  2. Starting with the cloud-storage options, we go through the pros & cons of each provider, helping you find the best solution.
  3. We set up your comprehensive, online filing system, (either in-person or via remote access), & I teach you how to maintain it using your phone & computer.
  4. I help you sort your paperwork: scanning the necessary items into the cloud storage, filing any essential hard copies, & shredding the unwanted ones.
  5. We organise data-sharing with your next-of-kin to ensure that essential documents are available to them if needed.
  6. The goal is to be left with a small collection of original paperwork, such as marriage & birth certificates, to store in a safe or fireproof box, with everything else in digital form.
  7. The Paperless (remote) Course costs £280 & allows unlimited access to the teaching videos to go through in your own time, or repeatedly, PLUS 3 hrs of one-to-one tutorial via screen-sharing with me. (Content is the same whether delivered remotely or in-person.) Stand-alone remote sessions are £100ph, minimum 2 hrs.
  8. In-Person Teaching Day costs £800 plus travel. (Content is the same whether delivered remotely or in-person.)

The importance of trust

Trust is paramount. Our robust Confidentiality Agreement, in conjunction with the fact that your data never leaves your home, ensures you can trust us with your most sensitive information.

"It’s all in the cloud now and the piles of paper are gone. Thank you, Paperless Pixie."
Christopher, Bristol
"Paperless Pixie moved all my late father's filing into the cloud making it easy for our (international) family to collaborate when sorting his affairs. Invaluable! Thank you! "
Caroline, Cape Town
"I needed a digital native to show me the way... I'm so much lighter now!"
Susanna, Haywards Heath
"You have changed my life! It feels wonderful to have everything digital. I can't thank you enough. "
Trey, London SW1
"A weight off my mind! I understand the online storage options and am finally on top of my admin"
Jane, Bristol
"The Paperless Pixie system has transformed the way I work & live - stacks of papers are gone & I can access information quickly and easily, saving much time and stress. I can't recommend them enough!"
Suzanne, London